We complete the latest measurement technology with our excellent know-how.

Due to a low turnover of staff and regular training measures, our employees can consistantly extend their knowledge and are therefore able to detect quality affecting factors very early.

Our fully automatic production process leaves, despite batch production, no room for deviations. Continous analyses of the melt guarantee its demanded quality.

All further steps from the storage of goods via administrative tasks through to the delivery are strictly mangaged and are subject to a constant monitoring process. This we prove since 2006 with our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

However, the quality of our products is not only affected by managed production and working processes. The quality of the raw materials we receive is at least as important. Therefore we obtain them solely from certified metal trading companies. Nevertheless, a continous inspection of the incoming goods is essential.

All these quality affecting factors form a sound basis to keep to our quality objective:

To support our clients as a flexible and reliable partner at all times and to produce solely first-rate quality constantly and on schedule.